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Frequently Asked Questions

 WiselyBio is easy to use and has user-friendly interface. You don't have to know coding. Just imagine and create with WiselyBio. 
However, if you need some help we are we are here body!  👊 No Worries. 

1.  What is 'Biolink' and Biolink Page?

Biolink is the only clickable linkage tool for Instagram users placed in their bio settings page.Unfortunately that link heads to only one page whereas Biolink Page can have multilinks.

2. Can I see a Demo Page?

We provide you with a full user management functions that results in faster development, faster result, ability to serve your visitor engaging efficiently. See the demo here  ➡️

3. Which functions can I use?

We provide an efficient functions regardless to your subscription. You can create ready made links for Youtube - Spotify - Twitter - Facebook - Twitch - Custom Links. There is also many customization features from background to fonts selection. You can also put your desired profile photo with a verified blue-badge which we give only to Pro Users.

4. About Plans

We provides 3 different plans. Free has some limited features but we gave trial users super features which could be useful for the users planning to user Pro Plan.

Some Technical Questions 

WiselyBio is not a complex system but you may have some questions.
The project is a unique folder that holds links or biolinks all together . A project can contain multiple Biolink Pages or Shortened links. Just create one with a single unique name and click-in .
Biolink is the unique link which you can create after creating a project. Just click on ' Create ' button. WiselyBio gives you two options as ' Bolink and Link'. If you choose Biolink the will be landed to page generation with a smart preview next to the panel. you can short link, description, profile photo and branding features. WiselyBio alsa gives users to customize the page with background, UTM settings, Social Media buttons, Analytics ( Google & Facebook ) and some various options. Once you have done click 'Update' button and see the results.
Yes you have fully featured edit options on links, details and colors. Just click the three vertical dots next to projets and there you go!
Yes. You can use WiselyBio as a linkage shortening service. Full featured.
Our system is developped on simple dynamics and we are always improving it.
We are very sorry to see you go. Wiselybio has no-hassle 30 days refund guarantee after starting your pro package and/or other custom packages. You can always cancel your account.
We are still improving our base-payment system. Payment alternatives may be available very soon. Please check back later here.
Yes. With all packages we have free consultation services up to 24 hours option. Just reach us from the contact form below.
Pro accounts have the consultation and support priority besides the fully featured tools.
*Wisely Bio represents the next generation of HTML website creation tools. It introduces a revolutionary new way to build your social media tools without writing a single line of code.

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